Dog Wash

What is a hydrobath
A hydrobath dog wash is basically a dog sized bath which has a hand held shower head. A pump sprays fresh, warm water at a moderate pressure which penetrates through the dogs coat, not only washing it thoroughly but also cleaning the skin and provides an invigorating massage.

First shampoo added is a Detox shampoo for a thorough pre-wash followed by a organic shampoo for a final wash, leaving the skin and coat clean and vibrant. This all finishes with an organic conditioner. Using a hydrobath will open the pores of the dogs skin which may aid, cure and prevent many skin infections and irritations, as well as removal of dead hair.

A regular hydrobath dog wash is an essential part of your dogs grooming needs. It will help to maintain a clean / healthy skin and coat. It also maintains the well being of your dog.

The hydrobath used by Dogs go Dutch is an autofill model. It has two tanks, a holding tank and a wash tank. The holding tank connects to your water tap and automatically fills by a control float. The holding tank heats the water. Water is taken from the holding tank to the wash tank where shampoo is added. The dog is then washed in a recycling motion from the wash tank while the holding tank refills and reheats new water. When washed, dirty water is drained away and fresh warm water from the holding tank is used to rinse clean the dog.

The hydrobath has a thermostat control for the water temperature. It also has a pressure control to use normal pressure or next to no pressure at all if required or for the face. The total amount of water used for a complete dog was is between 5 a 20 liters.

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