Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming – What to expect
If we have never met your dog before, we will spend a short time chatting to you and examining your dog’s coat. We will go through the options with you what we will be able to do for your dog and what we feel would be the best groom type for you and your pet. Feel free to tell us what you like and dislike.

Let us know if your dog has any health issues, so that we can take this into account during the grooming process. We also need to be informed if your dog has ever shown any aggression towards their previous groomer.

A Capstar will be given if a flea is spotted. It’s completely save to use on any dog. (*see Capstar explanation at price list)

Your dog will be bathed in 2 different shampoos, firstly a detox shampoo and secondly an organic shampoo, followed by an organic condition to ensure a good and clean coat. They will then be transferred to the grooming table where they will be dried and brushed until the coat is as straight as possible and no mats are found.

We always start with the Tidy up and followed this with a full groom if required. The clip/styling is then finished off and any scissoring required done at this stage on a clean dry coat. A finishing spray will then be used on your dogs coat to give him or her a lovely smell that will last a couple of days in most circumstances.

Expect to leave your pet with us for between 60 minutes and 2 hours.

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