The International Professional Groomers, Inc  is an association which certifies Professional Pet Groomers all over the world, providing International industry standards, a Code of Ethics and extensive examination process, certifying groomers at two levels. The IPG globally promotes and preserves the professional certifications and accreditation of Pet Groomers, Grooming Salons and Mobiles, and Grooming Schools.

The IPG Certification process is a series of practical and written examinations whereby the expertise and proficiency of professional groomers may be demonstrated and certified.  It recognises groomers whose professional knowledge, techniques and abilities have been certified as having met the high standards set forth by the International Professional Groomers, Inc.

The revolutionary “SDC” (Salon Details Certification) program provides a certificate of professional endorsement unique to the grooming industry. This program certifies that animal care personnel have knowledge of canine behaviour, handling techniques, anatomy, groomer safety, bathing, safety, first aid, health, sanitation, and ethical business practices, as well as an introduction to felines.  Grooming Salons practicing these principles are eligible for accreditation by a well known and respected International association.

To become an IPG Salon Details Certified groomer, and achieve an International Model of Pet Grooming Accreditation in the Salon Details phase, tests must be passed with 80% or better.

Certificate IPG

Certificate grooming school


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